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course of hotel management


Established as a beacon of excellence in hospitality education, Kohinoor stands as a testament to unwavering dedication and visionary leadership. With a rich legacy spanning over four decades, Kohinoor Technical Institute has been at the forefront of vocational and technical education in Maharashtra, empowering thousands of students with practical skills and knowledge.

The inception of Kohinoor College of Hotel Management in 2002 further solidified its commitment to nurturing skilled professionals for the burgeoning hospitality industry. Located in Dadar-Mumbai, and Ratnagiri, Kohinoor's state-of-the-art facilities and industry-focused curriculum ensure holistic development and industry readiness. From hotel management to hospitality administration, Kohinoor offers a diverse range of courses accredited by the University of Mumbai. With a steadfast focus on quality education and hands-on training, Kohinoor continues to shape the future leaders of the hospitality sector, driving innovation and excellence in every endeavor.


course of hotel management

Program Duration
3 Years

course of hotel management

Study Location
Mumbai, Ratnagiri

course of hotel management

H.S.C. pass

hospitality administration course


The B.Sc in Hospitality Studies offered by the University of Mumbai is a dynamic three-year full-time degree course designed to equip students with the requisite skills and knowledge for a successful career in the hospitality industry. Through a carefully curated curriculum and hands-on training, students delve into various facets of hospitality management, including food production, service operations, front office management, and more.

With a strong emphasis on experiential learning and industry relevance, students engage in practical sessions, industrial exposure training, and internships to gain valuable real-world experience. Taught by experienced faculty members, the program ensures academic rigor while nurturing students' holistic development, fostering essential skills such as communication, leadership, and critical thinking. Upon completion, graduates emerge as competent professionals ready to excel in diverse roles within the dynamic and evolving hospitality sector.


Explore how our program can help you prepare for a global career in the luxury hospitality business

institute of hotel management mumbai

Comprehensive Curriculum

Comprehensive curriculum encompassing food production, service operations, and front office management.

institute of hotel management mumbai


Students gain practical skills and industry knowledge for success in hospitality roles, preparing them for real-world challenges.

institute of hotel management mumbai


The program is offered by the prestigious University of Mumbai, providing students with a recognized degree upon successful completion.

institute of hotel management mumbai


Students gain hands-on experience through practical sessions, industry visits, emphasizing experiential learning.

hospitality management course


The program is facilitated by experienced faculty members who bring a wealth of industry knowledge and academic expertise to the classroom.

hospitality management course


Program graduates are prepared for diverse careers in hospitality sectors like hotels, restaurants, event management, tourism, and more.

hospitality management course


Alongside academic rigor, the program fosters the holistic development of students, emphasizing communication skills, leadership abilities, and ethical practices.

hospitality management course

Vibrant Campus

Students benefit from a vibrant campus environment that encourages creativity, collaboration, and personal growth, enriching their overall learning experience.


    Hotel, Restaurant, Fast Food Center, etc. Industry Positions Hotels and Resorts General Manager, Resident Manager, Sales I Marketing Manager, Food & Beverage Manager, Executive Chef. Executive House Keeper, Front Office Manager

    Airline, Railway, Hospital Catering, Industrial Canteens, Cruise Liners, Banquets

    Sport and Entertainment Theme Park I Recreation Facility Manager, Recreation Specialist, Event Management Companies

    Business Tourism, Business Travel Specialist, Market Researcher, Convention Center Manager

    Tourist Office Manager, Marketing Manager, Research I Statistical Analyst Travel Tour Operator, Destination Development Specialist, Travel Manager, Cruise Line Manager 1 Facility Services

    Group Sales Manager, Public Relations Manager, Reservation Agent

    Defense Forces, Banking Services etc.